Call for papers

From the International Baltic Earth Secretariat

This is a kind reminder that the abstract submission deadline for the 2nd Baltic Earth Conference is on 18 February!

The biennial Baltic Earth conferences bring together scientists from various disciplines and countries and represents one of the largest international Earth system research communities in the Baltic Sea region and Northern Europe. Baltic Earth strives to achieve an improved Earth System understanding of the Baltic Sea region as the basis for science-based management in the face of climatic, environmental and human impact in the region.

The 2nd Baltic Earth Conference will cover all themes and topics of Baltic Earth, in particular highlighting the Baltic Earth Grand Challenges as defined by the Baltic Earth Science Plan. The grand topic of the conference „The Baltic Sea region in transition“ refers to transition processes in the Baltic Sea and its catchment basin, as well as in the regional climatic and socio-economic system. In addition to this, we invite contributions which are related to processes in the transition area between the Baltic and the North Sea regions, e.g. oceanographic in- and outflow events and associated consequences for Baltic Sea biogeochemistry, ecology and human uses, specific conditions of the Belts and Sounds area including human pressures like eutrophication and shipping, regional sea level rise as well as similarities and differences in the BACC and NOSCCA climate change assessments.

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