Hartmut Heinrich – The unknown world-famous climate researcher of Hamburg

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When you talk with climate researchers about Heinrich Events, they usually have at least some idea what they mean. Only few, however, know who is concealed in the name “Heinrich”. Many think of a discovery from the early twentieth century, or perhaps even earlier, and that this Heinrich person here hasn’t been active for quite a long time. This is certainly not the case—this Heinrich is an active individual living and working in Hamburg. Who is this person who, on the one hand, is so famous that an important geological event has been named after him, but who has remained rather unknown within his own working environment? This interview aims at commemorating this individual in Hamburg and Germany for his scientific discovery and interpretation, a recognition that internationally exists since long time. (Source: Preface of the interview)

Dr. Hartmut Heinrich is a German marine geologist and climatologist, who described sudden climatic fluctuations in the course of the earth’s history in 1988, which were named after him as Heinrich events. Prof. Dr. Hans von Storch and Prof. Dr. Kay-Christian Emeis have conducted an originally German interview with the exceptional personality, whose name is internationally known, in order to emphasize his outstanding work not only nationally, but above all regionally.

You can find the english version of the interview here.

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