Introducing: Kai Logemann

What is your qualifying background?

I am an oceanographer/modeller (Dipl. Oz., Dr.rer.nat.). During the last ten years I have worked at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik and have developed an adaptive mesh, three-dimensional, operational ocean model for Icelandic waters.

How would you describe your working daily routine?

Going through unread emails, closing Thunderbird afterwards for a few hours. Post-processing the model output from the last night’s simulation, staring at the graphics, developing a new theory about the cause of the problem, preparing the next simulation, being very optimistic. For the rest of the day: Writing an application/report/validation/paper, desperately trying to fill out a form or reading an interesting publication.

Do you have a big aim?

Making a useful contribution to the work of the Helmholtz-Centre.

What has been your biggest success so far?

First prize at the University of Iceland Innovation Contest 2014.

Do you have any personal distinctive mark?

Perhaps my old black Chinese teapot always filled with Friesentee.

Photo: private

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