Job Offer / Stellenangebot

Postdoc Position (m/f) in Trait-based Ecosystem Modelling

The Institute of Coastal Research at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht invites applications for a 16 month Postdoc Position (m/f) in Trait-based Ecosystem Modelling. The place of employment is Geesthacht.

Marine ecosystems are under various anthropogenic pressures such as coastal eutrophication, global warming, and ocean acidification. Central and interlinked questions for science and management are how phytoplankton communities as the basis of the marine food-web respond to those stressors and how these impacts propagate through the entire ecosystem, starting from changes in phytoplankton-zooplankton interactions. Primary objective of the position is to investigate stress responses in plankton dynamics including relevant traits such as cell size, and their feed-backs to ecosystem functions for relevant habitat types. The study is also part of the German joint research programme ‘Biological Impacts of Ocean Acidification‘ BIOACID.

The postdoc will participate in a joint integration and meta-analysis of data from mesocosm experiments. She or he will use or further develop existing model formulations in order to mechanistically describe plankton dynamics under multiple stressors with focus on changes in CO2 but also in zooplankton grazing pressure and in nutrient stoichiometry.The candidate is expected to intensely collaborate with experimental and modeling groups at AWI (Helgoland), ICBM (Oldenburg), and GEOMAR (Kiel).

The position requires skills in mathematical analysis, modeling and, preferably, knowledge in aquatic ecology and trait-based approaches. Applicants with a PhD in environmental or related sciences are particularly encouraged to apply. The candidate should demonstrate very strong writing skills.

The department of Ecosystem Modelling at the Institute for Coastal Research hosts an interdisciplinary group of research scientists and is involved in various projects.

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