On Urban Resilience

is the name of an audio-visual guidance tool launched on 4th October by the RAMSES (Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development for citiES) EU project.


Screenshot On Urban Resilience

Over 100 short video interviews On Urban Resilience

A resilient city is not made up of reinforced walls or solid concrete, but of a flexible web of elements working together. This complexity has been creatively visualised online in an interactive map of short video clips.

RAMSES has condensed scientific research into a compilation of over 100 short interview sequences from 33 climate change adaptation and resilience experts. On Urban Resilience is designed to help cities to find information on climate change impacts and to explore their options for adapting to climate change and for building city resilience. Contributions by experts on adaptation and resilience from across Europe cover topics such as social adaptation, local climate change models, political commitments and how to start an adaptation strategy in cities. (Source: RAMSES News 04/10/2016)

Photo by courtesy of Climate Media Factory UG, Sandra Kirchner

Prof. Dr. Hans von Storch was interviewed on topics of

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