Women in Oceanography: A Decade Later


Women in Oceanography: A Decade Later; Volume 27, Number 4, Supplement; Ellen S. Kappel, Editor

In March 2005 The Oceanography Society published a special issue on “Women in Oceanography.” The authors wanted to find out, why men continued to outnumber women at the higher levels of the field, even as the number of female graduate students grew steadily.

What has changed within the last 10 years? What to learn from the gained experience of the women, and do they have some special advice for young women entering the field? Are there any profound recipes for combining family and career?

More than 200 Autobiographical Sketches – each one is special and tells about experiencing life in extraordinary ways.

The complete issue (2015) as well as featured articles, sidebars and the first issue of Women in Oceanography (2005) are available on the Oceanography Society’s website.

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